New music from our friend Arick Arzadon

We are a songwriting duo from the Monterey Bay area. 
Our sound is sincere and catchy with a lot of bounce and a little quirk.

Exciting news!

Our song, Would Be You was selected as a semi-finalist in the 2023 Unsigned Only Songwriting Competiion! Fingers are crossed for the AAA (Adult Album Alternative) category.

In other news we won a very cool microphone. Thank you Lewitt Audio for the MTP W950 stage condenser microphone! We are so excited to use it in our upcoming live sessions. Check out the MTP W950 and the rest of the MTP series at Lewitt Audio

Our unpublished song, One More Day, was selected as a semi-finalist in the 2022 International Songwriting Competition, but did not make it into the finals! 

From over 15,000 entries by both signed and unsigned artists, One More Day was among 85 songs under consideration in the Adult Album Alternative (AAA) category.

"the songwriting competition to take note of..." - New York Times

New music



...start with a scream... just hum along...


A a light and fun take on love and longing. 


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🏆🏆🏆 Awards!

Hey! In 2019, our song “Shy” won top honors in the Acoustic Singer/Songwriter category of the West Coast Songwriters’ Contest! Also in 2019, our song 
Gotta Lot To Do” was a semi-finalist for Song of the Year and "Can You Hear It Ring?" received Runner-Up! In 2015, “The Situation” was a semi-finalist in the Unsigned Only Music Competition. (Stay tuned for the release of “Shy” and “Gotta Lot To Do” in 2023!)


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Words with a View.

Listen, a poem by Deanna Ross

Leisure, a poem by W. H. Davies

All In June, a poem by W. H. Davies

Arick Arzadon

Say hello to our friend and frequent co-writer, Arick. He's got a big heart, cool moves and a great voice, and we've recently added him to the "roster" at  The Jinxes Publishing.


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